Monday, January 6, 2020

what I ate on day 1 of Whole 30

I have gone through several whole 30 challenges and I now do them for different reasons. The first time I did it was with my husband and it was just for that, the challenge. Now, I do them for a different reason each time. That first time around it was so much fun for my husband and I to explore food even further and deeper than ever before. We would check some of our staple products out and be shocked at what we couldn't have because of all of the junk companies sneak into our products, even organic ones. Ever since that first one we just stick to products we know are legit and I have never regretted bringing these healthier staple products into our home, ever. 

January 2020 Whole 30 

This time around I am doing it because after the holidays I just like the stripping away of any sugar and breads mostly. After my very first whole 30 challenge I changed the way we ate entirely. We now do no dairy, gluten, soy, beans, products with low quality oils such as canola. I also found out that I am pretty sensitive to dairy products and beans. I have now come to a point that they make me feel so bad that I just say no to them now. Instead of blindly eating them all of the time and assuming that was "normal" to feel heavy and bloated after certain meals or eating certain foods. I am now aware of what will make me feel bad and I ask myself "is it worth it?" when I'm offered it.

 My husband and I had always eaten healthy but we stepped it up a notch after realizing how many food products contained sugar, soy, terrible oils, MSG, etc. The list is wild! Don't get me started with sugar. It's in EVERYTHING!! The problem with sugar is that it causes inflammation in the body and too much inflammation in our bodies can lead to a host of health problems. When you consider all of our products that have a little sugar here and there by the end of the day you are overloaded with sugar. I rather just eat a brownie than have sugar regularly, every single day and also endure the consequences that come with sugar. Now we choose products that have no sugar and it's amazing how less often I crave sugar. I just prefer that I and my family eat better quality ingredients. I love the way we eat, when I am home I know everything that is in our pantry and that is in our refrigerator is readable and easy to pronounciate because it's as close to nature as possible, for the most part. They are foods that won't leave us bloated and just feeling like yuck! They are foods that leave us feeling our best.


During day 1 of this Whole 30 I also fasted, so take that into consideration when you see the timestamps. Fasting is traditionally 16:8 ration. 16 hours of not eating and 8 hours of eating. NO, you don't eat any less calories. YES, you will experience some insanely cool health benefits. My two favorite are the regenerating of cells and giving your gut a break from the constant work of digesting food. There are many reasons to fast though. That's for a different day.

how do my kids eat during the Whole 30?

I feed my kids pretty much exactly what we are eating. They will get their green smoothie though and maybe a AB&J sandwich but they are also eating what I am. I take them along my journey of healthy eating and I don't really share that I'm doing a Whole 30 with them. I stick to sharing that we eat healthy real food because it makes us feel good, full, helps fight the buggies, keeps our brain and muscles strong, makes us feel our best, etc. Y'all get the point.

started my day fasting with some black coffee at 6am

fasting means you can't have anything but water, tea, black coffee or anything less than 50 calories for optimal results.

 breakfast at 1:00
*4 eggs, 1/4 cup carbs, 1/4 avocado, 2 cups sautéed kale w/ lemon juice and pink salt.

snack at 3:00
*2 chicken thighs, 1/4 cup yellow potatoes, 1.5 tbsp primal kitchen ketchup

dinner at 6:00
*1/2 cup cooked ground beef seasoned with paleo blend, 1 cup brussel sprouts, 1/4 sweet potatoes, 1/4 of an avocado.

post dinner snack at 8:00
*1 cup frozen cherries

you aren't supposed to do many snacks during the whole 30 but because I'm nursing I want to make sure I was eating enough calories and I listen to my body. It wanted a snack this night. 

If you want a full look into what the Whole30 is then check out this link: whole30 program 

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