Thursday, January 30, 2020

starts with mom bone broth

I love drinking bone broth especially during the winter when my joints and body feels achy because of the cold weather. Bone broth is especially great on the body for recovery from workouts and especially great for post part mamas. I drank one of these a day at least right after having my third. 

Some other benefits I love about bone broth are:

- reduces inflammation
- loaded with easy to digest minerals
- full of flavor and collagen
- joint health
- packed with nutrients

Saturday, January 11, 2020

cloth diapers: wash routine

"ewwww. how do you wash the poop off?"

answer: "there's a special wash routine to properly agitate and remove all the fecal matter. duh!"

how to tare the weight of your jars at the grocery store

story time 

I stumbled across minimalism over a year ago when I decided to "organize/purge" my closet. 8 bags y'all. 8 giant garbage bags of clothes left my closet that day. With that weight of clothes came months and months of going through my entire home and every single time I do it I feel incredibly lighter. 

With minimalism came a random stumble on zero waste. I am pretty sure Amy @minimalistamom is where I first heard about this.

Then one day while I was grocery shopping I was watching as the lady in front of me was checking out with all of her product going home in glass. She had her fish in a pyrex dish, bulk items in jars and her produce in reusable bags. There was not a single piece of plastic. I was nosey and had to ask what on earth was going on here. Of course in an eager-to -learn, tell-me-more sort of way. Her name was Catherine and she has no idea how much she taught me. She also invited me to the zero waste Austin group where I have learned SO much from! I owe her a big thank you hug.

Now I am going to share this whole process with you and I couldn't be more excited to share stuff like this with you.

this is my favorite jar to repurpose
I don't have my complete set yet because I am just naturally letting these come into my home. As we finish them I remove the label and they are ready to be used!

grab your coconut oil HERE

easy peasy sticker with the tare
weight written on top of my jar

how to tare the weight of 
your jars at the grocery store

step 1

find a jar you love to that you can repurpose and stick to that. I find that I love all of my jars to match and so I try to stick to the large and wide mouth mason jars if I have to buy them. My favorite thing to do has been to repurpose my large Dr. Bronner's coconut oil jar though. I love that I am not having to go out and buy a ton more and I am also saving our planet a little at a time. My plan once I get to a happy count of them is to gift them or even offer them on my local buy/sell group so they can go to good homes. 

you can also use pyrex tubberware or stasher bags which are so light weight!

step 2 

once you get to your grocery store, go to their customer service desk and ask them to tare the weight of the jar including the lid. usually you can do this with a sticker and if you stick to the same jar you won't have to do this step again. I know the weight of my Dr. bronzer jar is 1.04 for example.

step 3 

fill your jar from the bulk section

step 4 

when you're checking out, make sure the cashier has taken off the weight of the tare from the total weight of the food item.

why is this so cool?

1. less waste for my #zerowastemovement peeps 
2. you can actually save money (ex. the organic goji berries I always get cost me $1.)
3. less contact with chemicals since you are transferring and storing your food in glass!

Monday, January 6, 2020

what I ate on day 1 of Whole 30

I have gone through several whole 30 challenges and I now do them for different reasons. The first time I did it was with my husband and it was just for that, the challenge. Now, I do them for a different reason each time. That first time around it was so much fun for my husband and I to explore food even further and deeper than ever before. We would check some of our staple products out and be shocked at what we couldn't have because of all of the junk companies sneak into our products, even organic ones. Ever since that first one we just stick to products we know are legit and I have never regretted bringing these healthier staple products into our home, ever.