Sunday, December 15, 2019

our weekly salad recipe

A girlfriend of mine brought a similar version of this salad to the pool this summer and I have been eating it every week ever since. I pack one case of salad for my husband and the rest stays in a huge stainless steel bowl with a silicone lid over it. Stays fresh for days! Not even exaggerating about that plus it's loaded with a ton of wonderful vegetables, herbs and healthy fats. 

how I store my salad

 I get asked about these lids often. 
this is the largest one and I use it on the bowl of my salad.

Our Weekly Salad Recipe


14 oz. of baby kale
1/2 a head red cabbage chopped
2 heads broccoli chopped
5 large carrots thinly grated
8 green onions diced
1/2 a bunch cilantro chopped


Chopped everything but not too small. The thickness of the greens is why I think it stays fresh for so long. 

Top with roasted almonds whole or sliced, avocado and primal kitchen Caesar dressing.

I store ours in a stainless steel bowl with a silicone lid at home. My husband keeps his in the container the baby Kale comes home in at his office. 

1. Silicone lids linked here
2. similar stainless steel bowl linked here
3. primal kitchen dressing linked here

* I make a tiny commission on some links in this post.

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