Wednesday, December 18, 2019

clean beauty & sustainable finds at Target

Clean and sustainable gifts are my favorite! Target has a pretty nice lineup of things they carry in the clean beauty aisle and sustainable gifts that your loved ones can use time and time again. 

clean beauty spotlight

First off I love many of these products, especially the beauty products! When I had my eyelash extensions off I would wear these two mascaras listed and have gotten my sister and cousin using them too! 

clean beauty deodorant

As for the deodorants I know most people rarely have any complaints in the Native deodorant, my favorite scent is cucumber! Schmidt's is not for everyone but works well for me and if you can use that one over Native it will save you a lot of money since it is half the cost. 

clean beauty mask

mix the healing clay with apple cider vinegar is my absolute favorite clean ingredient mask to date! you will feel the tightening affects and good sting from it. It always leaves my face feeling so nice immediately after. you can mix it with water to use with your kids as a fun at home beauty treatment or even aloe vera as a more moisturizing mask. Best bang for your buck too! It will last you a very long time.

sustainable option for kids

We have a few of the Ello stainless steel water bottles and they are awesome! 

clean cologne for men

the cologne linked smells so good (scent:coast) and my husband is now wearing it. It's alcohol and essential oils. the perfumes by the same brand are all pretty great too! 

products listed and linked below:

1. acure brightening facial scrub here
2. hello kids stainless steel water bottle here
3. honest beauty daily moisturizer here
4. Pacifica beauty mascara here
5. honest beauty mascara here
6. w3ll people lipgloss here
7. pacifica blush here
8. Burts bees blush here
9. Native deodorant here
10. schmidts deodorant here
11. healing clay mask here 
12. good chemistry women fragrance here
13. good chemistry mens fragrance here
14. electric fragrance warmer here
15. lighten blush pallette here
16. honest magic beauty balm here
17. essential oil diffuser here

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