Tuesday, November 5, 2019

simple pork roast

Calling all mama's who don't want to think much about dinner! 
This meal is for you and I have several reasons why. 

First things first. I already love waking up well before my girls do, we're talking 3 hours before. I get my workout in, start a load or two of laundry and once a week I prepare this dish all before my littles wake up. I love putting this one into the rotation because it's so easy and takes about 20 minutes total to prepare everything. It also usually allows me to have a clean kitchen when dinner time rolls around because I wasn't having to fuss with making dinner and adding to any dirty dishes! Enjoy this recipe, it's one of our staples here at our house. Did I mention that my kids both love this dish? Always a win!

choosing your pork

I personally prefer bone-in because it adds a ton of flavor. It's packed with nutrients that are great for our bodies specifically our gut and joints. Bone's also contain a ton of collagen and minerals.  I like to toss the bone to my bone bag that I always keep in the freezer for my bone broth stash whenever I am done with this dish.

Keep in mind that using a boneless pork shoulder is just fine too!  

heat and time

My favorite way to cook this dish is for 8-10 hours. I like to handle everything first thing in the morning and basically not think about it until dinner time. It's the easiest way but when I have been caught in a pinch where I need it to cook faster because the morning has gotten away from me. I cook on high for 5-6 hours. Each way is fine and it tastes good both ways. 

*I also sometimes use a 8-9lb pork roast when we want a lot of leftovers and that usually means a longer cook time.

cook on low: 8-10 hours
cook on high: 5-6 hours

chopped veggies

I like to cut our veggies big because I don't like when they get mushy. Here's a photo of how I like to cut ours. 

 veggies layered over the pork

 pork will easily fall apart

simple pork roast


4.5-5lb bone-in pork shoulder roast
5-6 bulbs of garlic sliced 
3-4 dried bay leaves
pink salt and pepper to taste
6 yellow potatoes
1/2 white or yellow onion (cut into quarter)
3 carrots (chopped into big chunks)


1. In a crock pot drizzle some avocado oil at the bottom of the pot. Lay your pork with the fatty side up if there is one. If there isn't just choose the side with the most fat. Sprinkle a generous amount of pink salt all over the top of the meat. Set garlic around the base of the pot around the pork that way when the juices start to collect at the bottom the garlic adds all of it's good flavor to the dish. Lay the bay leaves on top of the pork, sprinkle with pepper. 

2. set on low: cook 8-10 hours
    set on high: cook 5-6 hours

3. An hour before that 5 or 8 hour mark add your veggies. Potatoes first, carrots second and onions last. Sprinkle with pink salt.

Serve hot and enjoy!

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