Thursday, October 10, 2019

my toddler's daily supplements

These may change in the future but for now this is what my kids are taking and this is what works for us. Remember, I am not a doctor. Consider this your disclaimer. 

There is argument out there between needing vitamins and not needing them. I personally like to think better safe than sorry. My theory is this, we are humans who like variety. We will probably not eat the exact same thing every single day, therefore we can't meet our daily recommended vitamin and mineral intake levels. Insert -- supplements. They are my insurance policy to make sure I am getting enough vitamin C, calcium, etc. I take them and so do my kids. Here's the list of what I give them. 

Kids Multi

- loaded with all of the vitamins and minerals they need for the day.

- I like that these are organic because berries and apples are heavily sprayed with pesticides if they aren't organic
- food based, it's loaded with vitamins and minerals from food sources

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Omega 3

- anti-inflammatory, helps with brain health

In today's modern society most people are getting way too much omega 6 and not enough omega 3. That is why I give this one to my kids so we can try and balance that out better. 

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K2 + D3 Calcium

- vitamin D without vitamin K is less effective so I like to make sure I buy the one with K2 in it. It helps "push" vitamin D into their bones better. 

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Fish Oil
1 tsp/day

Wild foods makes the best tasting fish oil that my kids take a shot of every single day. I always have to tell my daughter that no she cannot have more. 

- great for brain health and development, skin and cellular function

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