Saturday, October 12, 2019

cloth diapers: homemade wipes

I decided to go with cloth wipes when I realized that taking reusable wipes out of our diapers was one extra unnecessary step when it came time to wash diapers. It is so easy and there are a few ways to make your own! I also like that you can make these as wet or as dry as you'd like. Wipes are so wasteful and especially with a newborn baby. It feels so good to be using this alternative rather than throwing a ton of wipes into the trash and ultimately into our landfills. 

I prefer just a little soap to help glide across babies bottom so I use Dr. Bronners which also has coconut oil in it and it's organic!


In an old wipe container I put my 15 wipes and 5 drops of soap and swish it around. I don't put the wipes down right away I stand them up in the water vertically so that they can all get the same amount of water and soap on them. I try to use these up within a few days.

other wipe solutions to use:

- just water
- witch hazel
- baby soap of your choosing
- coconut oil / grapeseed oil

making your own wipe

You can also go to the fabric store and buy whatever fabric you'd like and cut them whatever size you'd like. Flannel is a popular choice for this!




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