Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Clean beauty everyday makeup routine

Hey y'all

I ditched my toxic everyday makeup routine over a year ago and for a while there I would go makeup free because I just couldn't put the makeup I had on my skin knowing what I did about the toxins and chemicals I was lathering on my skin before.

Finally!! I can confidently share a routine that is completely clean and safe

Disclaimer about my personal skin type: my skin type is typically oily but I have also been pregnant and now post part so my skin has been funky. I've gone through dry spurts and even more oily than normal days (thank you Texas summer) and this foundation holds up so well through it all. 

Clean Beauty Everyday Makeup Routine

1. CC cream - Out of all of my clean beauty CC creams and foundation this one is one of my top 5. This is the only face product that doesn't leave me looking like a hot mess at the end of these 100+ degree days here in Texas. It sweeps away any pores and leaves your skin looking flawless. (light/medium on my tan days. Light during winter/fall)
2. concealer - I have been a long time user of shape tape but this one replaces that. It's not as thick but I don't mind at all, I just had one more layer when I want a little more coverage. (chicory- SC1)
3. bronzer - go-to bronzer that gives me such a beautiful glow and also gives me a sun kissed glow! (luster)
4. blush - such a beautiful peachy blush. Love this one and it's so clean! (bare peach)
5. eyebrow pencil - I like my brows to be very precise and this skinny brow pencil is the best for getting sharp brows. (dark brunette)
6. mascara - I LOVE the look of this mascara, my only down side to it is for some reason if I cry or sweat with it it stings my eyes. I am not sure what's in it but that doesn't stop me from wearing it. I also love this mascara for it's primer and more dramatic look if you want to try another mascara. (black)
7. liquid eyeliner - sharp, precise liquid liner that actually stats. Does not run or smudge throughout the day. (midnight express)
8. lip shimmer - I have this one in multiple colors. I love the price point and how it feels on my lip. So beautiful. (plum)

Tools I used:

Clean Rating breakdown:

1. CC cream: 1 (EWG) 
2. concealer: 2 (EWG) ; 3 (think dirty app) 
3. bronzer: limited but still in green (EWG) ;
4. blush: 0 (think dirty)
5. eyebrow pencil: not listed
6. mascara: 2 (think dirty)
7. liquid eyeliner: not listed
8. lip shimmer: 1 (EWG) ; 0 (think dirty)

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