Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Non-toxic Padsicles

During my hospital stay with my first and second, one thing I was given in the post partum department that felt so good on my lady bits was this cold pack they would break and place in my pad. After some research, I decided I want those well after I deliver because you can stay swollen, inflamed and still have burning down there well after you've delivered and been discharged from the hospital. Also, anything I can do to speed up the healing process, I am open to. 

Insert - the padsicle.

What you'll need:

+ these will be great for when the bleeding is not 
as heavy moving into day 2-3 and beyond

+ I think these are going to be great for the heavy 
flow you experience right after delivering 


ziplock baggies

How does this help with healing 
- - - - - - - - - -

Aloe Vera:

+ reduce inflammation
+ burning & itching relief
+ antiseptic (keeps the area clean)
+ soothe hemorrhoids
+ wound healing
+ fight off certain bacteria & fungi growth

Witch Hazel:

+ itching and burning skin relief
+ soothe your skin
+ reduce inflammation
+ contains antioxidants
+ hemorrhoid relief
+ pain relief

Perineal Spray:

+ soothe perineal discomfort
+ afterbirth relief
+ all organic herbs

Organic Cotton Pads:

+ because these are all organic and free of toxins, fragrance 
and chlorine it won't further irritate your lady bits


+ the cold sensation not only feels nice but it also
 helps reduce inflammation and swelling.

How to make a padsicle
- - - - - - - 

1. With clean hands, open up your pad. Fold back the wings, careful to not get anything stuck to the area where the sticky part is and spread a generous amount of aloe in the middle of your pad.

2. Spray witch hazel over the aloe, enough to lightly soak the area

3. fold pad back together and close in half. 

4. store in ziplock bag and freeze

5. as you use them, spray them down with perineal spray and also your lady bits for extra soothing.

+ Enjoy all of the healing powers that come
 with this amazing padsicle and all
 of it's incredible ingredients.

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