Thursday, July 11, 2019

Amazon haul before baby #3 arrives

Although, we have a ton of things from my other two babies, there were still some items I am excited to use and share with other mama's to be. I thought I'd share them here so it's always in one spot.

I'm most excited about this purchase. I have seen two of my other new mama friends using this portable white noise machine and I never even knew about them. You attach it to babies car seat, stroller or anything portable that helps them sleep. It is really loud and also plays lullabies.

I never used these kind of pacifiers with my first but my second uses hers now and loves it. It's natural rubber and they're so beautiful.

Grabbed one of these because it can be used as a paci or teether which is cool. They also last longer then the natural rubber paci's.

We love these for our babies, they make it so we can go about our normal-isn day without worrying about waking a napping baby and it helps for our littles to stay asleep through the night. Did I mention I have really good sleepers? 

They have both used this so of course I grabbed one for our smallest addition.

I saw a friend using this and she mentioned that she liked it because she could unclip the pacifier to clean / boil it and same with the actual stuffed animal. This particular one has a heavy bean bag that you remove before washing so it puts just enough weight on babies chest while using it. Such a genius idea because with the Nuby that I used with my girls I was unable to detach the monkey from the paci so I am hoping this one works well. 

These are a must for me because I cringe watching a pacifier hit the floor.

I want my kids to be sleeping in organic PJ's since they spend so many hours there. If it's the one piece of clothing I can put good money toward then I'll do it. I didn't have many from my first I purchased a few more. These are super cute and soft.

 Because this one is way softer than the hospital hats.

Again, I cringe watching a pacifier hit the floor aka get dirty.

These are of great quality and I just wanted one that wasn't white or pink. 
Grey goes with everything. 

This one is capable with all of our hand-me-down strollers so I only had this brand to choose from.

I love this new carseat for the extra head protection 
The way the base of the seat is way more secure with the base clipping in how it does.
I also enjoy the color. 

I purchased the color: Spencer

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