Thursday, June 20, 2019

Third Pregnancy Prenatals

Before I deliver my last baby I thought it would be appropriate to share the prenatals I have taken throughout my pregnancy. I will continue taking these  while I breastfeed. As I have successfully nursed my other babies for the first year and hope that happens with this one. 

- I've used this one throughout all 3 of my pregnancies
- ginger for nausea
- easy to swallow capsule

Dose: 3 per day

- DHA has a ton of benefits for mom but is especially great for babies developing brain 
-contains 100% of the recommended DHA for mama and baby
- strawberry flavor although I have never experienced burping up with this one
- I take this when pregnant and also after during breastfeeding

Dose: 1 per day

- Organic, NON-GMO
- has vitamin D3 & K2 to help push calcium to bones

Dose: 2 per day

Hyaluronic Acid

- this helps my skin and joints. 

Dose: 2 per day

If you can't afford the whole batch of these prenatal 
then skip this one and go for the top 3. 
It's still awesome to include if you can make it happen though.

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