Thursday, June 13, 2019

9 Activities To Keep Your Toddler Busy with a Newborn

I have two toddler girls and a third on the way. For our family, my kids both enjoy doing crafts, activities and outdoor play so much. Part of my way to prepare for these early months with a newborn, the breastfeeding and sleepless zombie mom-feels is this. This is PART of what I am doing to prepare what I can and hopefully avoid two bored kids while mommy is recovering and attending to new baby sister.

*Disclaimer: not every kid is meant to do crafts, they may enjoy something else. This is for those kids who love doing crafts and fun structured activities. Don't feel bad if you try one of these out and your kid isn't interested. You could try a few times on different days to see if they warm up to the idea of crafts/activities. 

 I used several ziplock baggies that I have either already reused or will reuse. Don't throw them out just because they run empty. Find different uses for them once empty or refill with more activities. 

I just slapped a post it note on the inside of these with the label of each activity that way I can reuse them.

Watermelon Slice

What you'll need: red & green construction paper to create watermelon, black marker for seeds, scissors and glue.

Mama: create half moons out of red and green paper just like a watermelon slice then dot some black dots on there (seeds). Don't focus on perfection, if it looks somewhat like a watermelon I'm sure your kid will not know otherwise.

Toddler: have your toddler slice up the watermelon with safe toddler scissors. You could even add dotted lines so they can cut along if they are too young. 

Shape Cut

What you'll need: paper, marker & scissors.

Mama: just create shapes and draw different lines across them to be cut.

Toddler: have them cut the shapes along the pre-drawn lines.

Bumblebee Cutting

What you'll need: yellow & white paper, black marker/crayon, glue stick & scissors.

Mama: make your best cutouts with the yellow paper and cut white wings for the bees. Draw faces and different lines to be cut.

Toddler: direct your toddler to cut along the lines. Bonus: have them put them back together like a puzzle if they are old enough. 

Cloud making 

What you'll need: cotton balls, white paper for cloud, different colored rain streams, gluestick.

Mama: cut different colored streams for rain & white clouds.

Toddler: either show them a photo of the end result is, have one pre-made or let them use their imagination with the glue stick and make their own clouds. They will need to glue the cotton balls to the cloud and the different colored streams of rain. If you are brave or can sit with your kid, add some glitter on the clouds, it adds a pretty touch. 


What you'll need: different colored paper for petals & flower parts, glue stick.

Mama: pre-cut all of the parts to make a flower.

Toddler: direct your toddler to create a flower with all of the parts. Show them what the end project should look like if they need some direction. 

Create Sunshine

What you'll need: yellow & orange paper, glue stick.

Mama: Cut out yellow and orange triangles and one yellow circle to make a sunshine.

Toddler: let them glue the triangles onto the sunshine.

Sight words / shapes

What you'll need: sticker dots, marker & different colored paper.

Mama: draw different shapes, letters or words depending on how old your child is.

Toddler: direct your toddler to match the sticker dot to the correct shape, letter or word. 


What you'll need: paper, red dots & marker.

Mama: you can either attach the red dots and let them decorate the ladybugs or have them put the red dots down AND decorate. You decide based on their skill level.

Toddler: direct your toddler to draw lady bug parts including a face. 

Alphabet Trace 

I can thank my daughters teachers for this one. Best little summer send-off gift!

What you'll need: laminator, print dotted alphabet & a thin marker.

Mama: laminate and cut alphabet sheets.

Toddler: Direct your toddler to trace the alphabet with a think marker then wipe it off with a damp towel and use it over and over again.

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