Sunday, May 19, 2019

My favorite podcasts

Podcasts can be an incredible source of information if you find the right one's. I have learned so much from them and they are so easy to listen to when you're driving, cooking and cleaning your home. 

I've been asked so frequently about my podcast favorites, so here's the list y'all! 

Oh and disclaimer, I have this thing with people's voices. Although some podcast are great sometimes peoples voices are too high and too hyper for me to listen to. I really enjoy a slower paced, calm voice when I am listening to podcasts. Mostly because it's a peaceful experience for me to be learning about different topics or just hearing a feel good episode about life. Maybe your the same way and maybe your not. Either way, here they are:


This is an important topic for me, so I will kick off my favorites with this list. 

Shawn is one of the most upbeat podcasters that I actually enjoy listening to. I think it's his optimism for health that gets me. I am a science nerd at heart so I love all of the facts, data points, and research he provides. I appreciate the length of his podcasts because these days podcast can be so short and honestly with the type of info I am after when it comes to health -- TELL ME EVERYTHING. I want more information so that I can better understand the subject. This show is just that, around an hour to an hour and a half typically.

Dr. Lo was shared to me by a good friend a few years ago. She left the podcast scene for a while  but came back recently and I was pleasantly surprised to see her new episode pop up in my feed earlier this year. You will learn so much about female health related topics + more! Also, she is newly pregnant this year so she's focused some of her episodes around motherhood and health.

Not only does Aubrey's show hit on the facts for a healthier lifestyle but he brings on guest who are also changing the game toward a healthy mind, body and soul. I can also count on this podcast to deliver some eye opening topics with people who have the most interesting story or life lesson to share. You can learn more about your health here. Listen with an open mind.

The goop has a full range of topics they go into but some of my favorites have been about health and mental health topics. The host also speaks to popular authors launching books and world issues that affect us all. It's hard to categorize this one but I slipped it into this list because again, I enjoy the health related info and the way this podcast presents that topic.

I just discovered this podcast and I'm hooked!! 

Such great info and easy to listen to. Dr. G is changing the health industry and I am all for it.  I learn some mind blowing things that he does a great job of diving into. If you are all about real food, ditching traditional meds as an ailment to every ache or pain then this is the podcast for you. I am finding new ways that food can heal me and a different approach to medicine. I look forward to his show every week. All the topics so far have been so awesome and easy to listen to. He always brings a guest on that are also well suited doctors or health professionals. 

His show is usually a 3-part series of a knowledge bomb, product review and then a guest. 


Obsessed! This is one of my favorite podcasts, hands down. I feel good and happy after I've listened to an episode. These mama's are so relatable and they do a great job of making mama's feel encouraged and supported. They have great tips for surviving motherhood and good conversations on all the topics during this season with young kids. I honestly love listening and you can find me cracking up because the topics they touch on are so #momlife. Highly recommend!

Denaye is a saving grace during hard times as a mama. She has made me move toward simple parenting and I have adopted some of her philosophies of parenting into my own parenting style. I even have my husband listening to her because she gives practical advice and is easy for him to listen to. She's a wealth of knowledge and is always learning so she can provide tips to mamas and families. She believes in slowing down and giving our kids space to grow in a healthy way. Her guests are so good as well. Give her a listen for sure!

Janet is a wonderful resource when you don't know if your kids tantrums are too much or if you are struggling to get your kids to cooperate. She makes you think about the way a child's mind works and to be respectful of their development.  She does a segment where she takes a listeners question about a challenge they are having with their kid and addresses what she would do. If you're into peaceful parenting her approach is all of that. 


I'm new to minimalism but I can't recommend it enough to other mama's who might feel overwhelmed by all of the stuff that comes with kids. We live in a society that encourages more of everything for our kids but honestly ever since discovering minimalism I've realized how so much less is more for kids, our families and our everyday lives. I love Desirae's tips and tricks on how to go about minimizing. She's easy to listen to and just started her podcast which is super cool! 


If you need pockets of inspiration in your day then come here for just that. Lori does this cool segment called "quickies" and they are around 15-20 minutes long. She goes straight to the point of her message and they are pretty much always great. There's also a segment that will have you laughing out loud called "questionably awesome" with her assistant Evans. It's basically two ladies having a conversation about relatable subjects that they bring so much humor to. 

Not only does she have those two awesome segments but she has awesome guest on her show, both women and male who share their stories of success, failure and inspiration.

Tony's podcast was one of the first podcasts I got into and I love his message. He's a wealth of knowledge and he will uplift your life. I also had the amazing opportunity to go to the Unleash the Power Within event which definitely changed the trajectory of my life and the relationship with my husband. He's such a great positive person and everyone could benefit from his messages and his host brings on wonderful guest who are changing the game in business, health and your personal relationships.


Must I say more? You get a whale and you get a whale! Kidding... but it's Oprah. Heart felt, life lifting conversations with world changers. I mean inspiration, love and encouragement is what you'll get out of this podcast. Super calming to listen to and her guest are always great. 

Straight to the point, 10 random facts if you're into that sort of thing. I like to learn small tidbits of information that I may not have known about so that's what you'll get here. 

Healthy Relationship 

I debated posting this but I'm upset no one suggested anything like this to me. No one, so here you go. Give this show a listen to learn more about a subject that none of us were taught in Sex E.D. with this sort of depth. 

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