Friday, May 31, 2019

My Clean Beauty Nighttime Routine: May 2019

Clean Beauty Nighttime Routine

I take washing my face in the evening very seriously. 

That way I don't have to in the morning! Ha.

( I've linked where you can buy all of the products by just clicking 
the name of the product throughout this post. )

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Real Food Chocolate Chip Cookies

There is something to be said about better ingredients. You get full faster so you don't over indulge in them and they also don't leave you feeling as bloated and bad the next day. Last night I was having major cravings and que all the emotions - thank you pregnancy... but I made these cookies and just let myself enjoy every bite. I hope you enjoy these too when you make them tonight. (haha) Seriously, though, add this recipe to your line up because they're so delicious.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

My favorite podcasts

Podcasts can be an incredible source of information if you find the right one's. I have learned so much from them and they are so easy to listen to when you're driving, cooking and cleaning your home. 

I've been asked so frequently about my podcast favorites, so here's the list y'all! 

Oh and disclaimer, I have this thing with people's voices. Although some podcast are great sometimes peoples voices are too high and too hyper for me to listen to. I really enjoy a slower paced, calm voice when I am listening to podcasts. Mostly because it's a peaceful experience for me to be learning about different topics or just hearing a feel good episode about life. Maybe your the same way and maybe your not. Either way, here they are: