Saturday, March 30, 2019

My Everyday Jewelry

I have been asked so much what jewelry I'm wearing in my stories so I created a blog post to answer all of the questions in one spot. I rarely take any of these off for the record and they all seem to be holding up well. That's what I want out of my jewelry when I go to purchase new pieces. I don't have time to remove everything and if I did I would probably just not wear them. So, I've linked everything below and have included all the finishes, lengths and all the answers to the questions I've been asked.

My gold bar necklace

I have been wearing this necklace since February 2019 and it has MAMA etched on it in all caps. 

Length: 17"
Font: all uppercase in arial 
Finish: shiny (mirror) in gold. 

Dainty gold choker

 I have had this one since August 2018 and for a while it was the only one I wore. I love the simplicity of it. Super inexpensive and so cute. 

Length: 14"
Gold fill.

Rose Gold Bracelet

I love this bracelet! I wanted a bracelet that had a cute saying that got me in the zone for whatever life threw at me, so this is the one. Maybe you can find one similar. 

Color: rose gold
Etching says: "muscle up buttercup". 


This watch can do a ton of things but my top reasons I use it is to track my sleep, see if I am in cardio or fat burning mode at the gym and time so I can look at my phone a little less. 

Color: black

Shop Fitbit

Wedding Ring

I also barely wear my wedding rings, they scratch my babies during these young years so I always rock my white classic halo.

Shop Qalo

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