Saturday, February 9, 2019

Current Skincare Morning Routine

Good morning!

 First off, my mornings typically start anywhere around 5:30-6:00 am. I used to wakeup with my kids or slightly before and those days are long behind me. It throws off my entire day when I do that, I literally feel like I can't catch up, so early mornings it is! Which also makes getting ready smoother and my skin doesn't have to fall waist side.

  Pregnancy is taking a toll on my skin right now but I do keep up with this hefty morning and nighttime routine. I will post my nighttime routine in a separate post. Anything with skin is personal so I'll give you a breakdown of my skin type. 

My main skin goals are to keep my skin free of acne, anti-aging prevention and sun protection. I'd say my skin type is oily but recently it feels combo. This is either the weather or my hormones. Disclaimer: I am recently using up all of my current skincare products that may not be safe and switching them to non-toxic products. 

Remember, if you don't use it, it won't work. You must be consistent when using all those good skin care products!

Micellar Water // Toner

 The very first thing I do is soak one of my reusable organic cotton rounds with micellar water and most recently Cocokind's rosewater toner. I make sure to clean my face well at the end of the night so when I wake up I don't wash my face. I was a big fan of the Simple brand micellar water but it's not the greatest for safe ingredients but if it's all you can do on a tight budget I suggest buying the water boost and unscented bottle. It's in a light blue bottle and has a 5 rating on the Think Dirty app and got a 3 on the site.

Thayer's is also a great option if you grab the Facial Toner UNSCENTED witch hazel. The ingredients are pretty great too although I am questioning the phenoxyethanol which is second to last in the ingredients. 

I am recently using Cocokinds rosewater though, safe as can be and organic. The only thing in it is rosewater, I am a big fan!

Vitamin C Serum // Eye Cream

Next I take a few drops of Mad Hippie's Vitamin C serum all over my face and neck. Then I dab eye cream using my ring finger because the under eye area is very sensitive skin and we never want to drag the product across the skin. The ring finger is also the weakest so it applies more gently. 

*Mad Hippie was rated a 1 on the EWG website which is the lowest making it a low hazard. 

 I get dressed and let this sit on my skin for several minutes before applying my lotion. 

 Face Lotion

Once that's all done drying I apply a little lotion to moisten the skin even though you could skip this step if you're applying a BB cream but I prefer both!

SPF // BB cream with SPF

I love BB cream because most often I am off to the gym first thing in the mornings and I just want a light coverage for all over my skin that also has SPF in it. I pretty much never leave my house without sunscreen because with kids we could be running to the park or outside hanging on any given day so this ensures I am protecting my skin.

This particular one is great because it dries semi matte. Awesome for my fellow oily-skin girls. I am on the lookout for a safer option though.

I will update this routine in a few months as I move even deeper into my safer beauty journey so I can share my finds. 

Of all the products I shared my favorites that I will continue using are the reusable cotton rounds, mad hippie vitamin C serum and the cocking rosewater toner! All linked below.

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