Tuesday, October 9, 2018

non toxic deodorant review

This has been a long awaited post and I've been asked a few times the past couple of weeks what natural deodorants I love. Well... here's the line-up. I love all 3 of these! Honestly. I think they all work well and get the job done! 

Here are some notes. 


I don't sweat a ton, obviously a little while I'm working out. But plot twist, since recently fasting I noticed I have been sweating so much more during my morning workouts. Not complaining, I love a good sweat! Also during the hot months in Texas, who doesn't sweat? I do stink sometimes but ever since I made the switch to a natural deodorant I noticed the scent of my own B.O. is not as strong. Whoa, just went there. haha! I am going to assume it's because my armpits have had plenty of time to detox all of the chemicals that I used to heavily apply to them everyday, poor pits. There's the background on my sweating and body odor history. Hopefully, knowing this can help when making a decision to switch to safer deodorants or picking which product.

Why go natural?
  • The chemicals and aluminum in "old school" deodorants are disrupting our hormones and invading our perfect bodies. We must stop purchasing them. You guys have to get over the fact that you're sweating. Sweating is good, it's your body flushing away all the toxins from it's largest organ. Think about this when making the switch as well because you are doing your body some good by not applying all of these chemicals to it. Especially your armpits which are closely located next to your lymph nodes aka immune system. We are the consumers, we have ultimate control. Natural is the "new school" way to go.
  • You can read the ingredients! Say what? Yes, the ingredients are insanely good y'all!

  • These do cost more than your typical $4-$5 deodorants but you need less. 2-3 swipes per armpit. In fact, more is not good in this situation because then it will flake off that white stuff many of us have experienced.

  • They actually smell really good! 

retails as low as: $10

Back when I decided to switch my husband and I's deodorant this was my first natural deodorant to try out and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I think it took my body some time to shed itself of all of the chemicals I had in my pores because I had to apply twice some days at first. It was also getting super hot here in Texas so take that into account too. 

Native applies the smoothest and feels the softest of these 3 deodorants. I love the coconut & vanilla scent and they also have a holiday one with peppermint in it that I hope they bring back this year!

If you sign up for a subscription you can get this deodorant for $10 per deodorant this includes shipping which is why I am going to continue using this brand because it will show up at my door step without even having to think about it. I have our subscription at 1 deodorant for myself and my husband every 2 months. So far that seems to be okay. A great scent for men is the eucalyptus & mint, it's very masculine. 

Check out Native here to subscribe

Pssshhh... they also sell Native at Target now!

Primal Pit Paste
retails as low as: $9.79

I went with unscented on this brand so I haven't tried any of the other yummy smells. It keeps me from smelling which is magical all in itself because how does unscented anything do that? Just kidding, that's my old thinking kicking in ;) This one you have to old on your armpit for a second for it to warm up to your body temp then swipe or swipe it over your pits but it will be a bit tougher than the other 2 deodorants featured in this post. That's the only downside to this one. Otherwise it holds up well from blocking the scent and may need reapplying after a hot day of outdoor activities. 

Target! Why are you so good? They also carry PPP. 

Check it out HERE

retails as low as: $4.99

Like the Native deodorant this one applies very softly. It blocks any body odor and may also need to reapply later in the afternoon. I have heard mixed reviews on this deodorant working for some people and not others. For me I liked it and I enjoy this scent too! Luckily they have them at Target so you can totally smell them all before deciding. I actually purchased mine at Whole Foods though.

Check it out HERE

I hope this guide to natural deodorants has helped you. 
Consider a few things before you go:

  • It's going to take your body some time to flush out the toxins from harsh chemically-filled deodorants. So be mindful of this and take some time to enjoy the process. Go without deodorant at night to let your pits breath or when you're not around anyone or your kids because they don't really care what you smell like ;)

  • Try my favorite face mask HERE that is actually really good to apply to your armpits when making the switch because it will pull out any impurities and toxins. Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and mask for maximum results.

  • Reapply. If you have to carry your deodorant around with you so be it. Try reapplying to see if that doesn't help manage the smell and the sweat.

  • Buy natural so we can drive down cost. If we start demanding better quality products more companies will produce them which will drive more competition. Which means lower cost to us and for our children!


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