Wednesday, October 17, 2018

My Current Pill Supplement Regimen


In this post I'll share the pills I fill my vitamin container with every week but before I do... story time! I have been taking supplements since I was 14...yep. The young, ripe age of 14. That's also when I lifted my first weight. I had no clue what I was doing but I now know that I was in fact doing a bicep curl. HAHA. Anyway, supplements are amazing. For many reasons, to reach your goals faster and to also ensure that you are hitting all of your daily nutrients for the day. I like to think of them as your insurance policy for your health. You don't eat the same thing everyday and if you do, is that adding up to the exact amounts of nutrition you will need for that day? The answer is most likely, no. 

That is why supplementing is wonderful! 

I'd rather spend a little money now for better health than have to pop pills later in life because I didn't protect my body, health and stay active. It's your choice, make the healthy one. 

+ great for digestive health
+ helps relieve bloating
+ stimulates healthy gut microflora
+ helps nutrient uptake in gut lining

Take one a day

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Fish Oil 
+ packed with Omega-3s, EPA, DHA also rare DPA
+ anti-inflammatory
+ great for joint health
+ loaded with healthy fats
+ healthy hair, skin and nails

Take 1-2 a day up to three times per day

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+ amazing anti-inflammatory
+ improved digestion & circulation
+ helps immune system

Take 1-2 per day

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& use my code: WILDCROSBI

+ loaded with tons of vitamins and minerals
+ contains Iron

Take one a day

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Grab the prenatal version HERE

Vitamin D
+ healthy bones, muscle and teeth
+ helps your body absorb calcium
+ great immune system support

Take one a day

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Hyaluronic Acid
+ joint health
+ anti-aging

Take 2 a day

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 Krill Oil
+ healthy fats 
+ contains DHA, EPA
+ because of Krills shorter lifespan their 
exposure to toxins is reduced significantly

Take one per day

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Vitamin Container
Life changer!

Every Sunday I open all of my supplements and fill my vitamin container. Before I would open every single bottle up every day and what a change it makes not having to do that every day. Simple steps in saving time! Highly recommend grabbing one for yourself too. This one is one of the least expensive ones I've seen out there.

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If I had to choose just 3 supplements to take from this stash I would definitely recommend grabbing the probiotics, fish oil and a multivitamin. That way you cover all your bases for the main things the human body needs to function at a healthy state. 

I hope this guide helped you, this is just what I take every single day. 

PS - I am not a medical professional. 
This is just my personal advice and opinions are all of my own.

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