Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Swap your kid's plastic dishes to stainless steel!

If you watched my stories than you probably saw my excitement for my kids stainless steel dishes! Ahhh, you guys. I just get so excited when I am making better and safer decisions, especially when it concerns my kids. It feels SO good. Below you will find the ins and outs on why we have ditched plastic dishes for our kids and our favorite products.

Swap your kid's plastic dishes to stainless steel!

By buying one stainless steel plate or cup. You will pretty much never have to purchase another dish to replace it. It won't lose it's shape or have whatever print that is on it rub off from being dish washed as plastic does. My daughter is 3.5 and I can't tell you how many dishes we have already gone through and the ones that we did have had the print come off or the shape had morphed. I decided to make a better decision for our environment and make a smarter purchase. 

Plastic doesn't clean well. We have all been there trying to scrub away the residue that sticks to it and pumped out endless amounts of dish soap trying to back our efforts. What a waste! A waste of time and a big waste of dish soap. Stainless steel cleans up so well and because the edges of these dishes I purchased food won't get stuck in any crevices.

We will be able to pass down these dishes to another family, hopefully a family member that will be able to use these and the cycle will continue because these will last a lifetime. 

All plastic can leach. Meaning when it comes into contact with the right conditions of heat or light a chemical that mimics estrogen will leak out into your food and drinks. How scary is that? Scary enough to make a change? We all eat everyday, I personally recommend switching to safer products starting with the products you use the most and especially products that you are ingesting. 

BPA FREE is not any better
It's a lie. It's not any better. They are now coming up with new names for this horrible endocrine disruptor such as BPS or BPF. It's best to just stick to stainless steel, glass, silicone or organic fabric/beeswax when we are storing our food. Swap for one of these awesome alternatives. 

These aren't the lightest dishes but I actually think that's great because they won't slide off the table. They have smooth edges which makes cleaning up super easy. Also, stainless steel cleans up well in case you aren't familiar with it. These are a matted and not a super shiny. I had the bowls for a quite a while and fell in love with them so we picked up the rest of the set. If you also decide to grab them, I hope that you feel good knowing your babies are eating out of good sustainable dishes that are good for our environment and well being. 

Purchase the sauce cups (12 ct) HERE 

The silicone lids fit perfectly over the cups, like a glove. Seriously. 

Purchase the silicone lid covers (3) with straws HERE

Purchase the cups (4 pack) HERE

We have had the bowls the longest and loved them so much we needed to pick up the rest of the caveman set. 
Purchase the bowls (4 pack) HERE 

Purchase the plates (4 pack) HERE

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