Thursday, August 23, 2018

Back to school healthy lunch inspo

It's that time of the year! Back to school which means mamas and dads are packing lunches! Below I have gathered some of my daughters favorite lunches! Tried and true, my daughter has actually had these lunches and loves these options.

A girlfriend mentioned a panini press that she put turkey in that I am thinking of trying. Have you tried it before? Her kids devoured the panini so I am thinking I need to get on the panini press train! haha

Enjoy y'all and don't forget to stay healthy, all school year long!

 Turkey wrapped blackberries, bell peppers + dried plantain chips
Packing a dressing with the bell peppers is a good option too. Buy the plantain chips that are cooked in coconut oil ;)

 Turkey rolls, blueberries + fresh carrots 

Honey Ham rolls, carrots, oranges + apple slices 

 Turkey wrapped blackberries, carrots + granola
I bought this granola at Costco and it's actually made of all nuts and a little honey, salt and cinnamon. The brand is called Autumn Gold.

 Turkey wrapped blackberries, cucumbers, dried mango slices + veggie straws

Ham rolls, jicama with lemon and salt, mango slices + veggie straws 

 Ham rolls, jicama + coconut clusters
I bought the coconut clusters at Costco as well

Pepperoni, apple slices, pistachios + dried apple chips 

Pepperoni, apple slices, cucumbers + broccoli 

Ham rolls, jicama with lemon & pink salt, cucumbers + broccoli

I hope this post inspires you to do more with your kids lunches. I think my toddler really enjoys a small portion of several different foods. It's worked well for us. Have an amazing start to school, preschool or back to normal schedules. 

Grocery list


Oven roasted turkey
Honey ham


Bell pepper

Dried goods

Dried apple chips
Coconut clusters
Dried mangos
Plantain chips
Veggie straws

What healthy options do your littles love? Comment below so other mamas and I can see what you're loving at home!

These are my two favorite lunch boxes and they're stainless steel!

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