Thursday, August 23, 2018

5 Target athletic tops to wear with your basic black leggings

Oh Target, take all my monies. Seriously though, it comes at no surprise why we have all seen the memes and no all the funny sayings all devoted to our beloved...Target. They have the cutest stuff plus all the essentials for life. Amiright? 

I love going to Target and since recently starting my blog I realized that not everyone can or wants to go out and buy Lululemon. Not that it's the best but it was my favorite for a while. I still enjoy wearing most of my leggings from there but I realize how many other active wear lines are out there. That are both cute, comfortable to wear and at a really reasonable price points. 

Since pants can be more pricey, I was in search of finding cute tops that could be worn with basic black leggings. We should all have a pair of those right? Cool. ;) I also don't go for crazy trendy colors as they will go out of season. I feel like I chose some classic colors and patterns that can be worn all year long but especially into the cooler days of Fall and Winter. 

If you need black leggings

I took a poll on my stories on what color y'all liked best and black won but not by much. On the website the "white" is actually listed as pale pink. It's a very pale pink. 

This tee is soft cottony-feel. 
Can be worn knotted or a little off the shoulder for a cuter look. Love the fit of this one!

Black on black. It's a thing, I do this thing often.

Size down for a more snug look and grab normal size 
in order to knot it and wear off shoulder.

 Pick up the black one here

Pick up the "pale pink" one here

 Looks white to me!

Flattering, soft, cute open back.

Pick up the 2-in-1 tee HERE

 Obviously I was feeling the open back look. 

Cozy for to and from activities. Thin, soft cotton feel.

Pick yours up HERE

Grab it in blue too HERE 

 Couldn't help myself. Picked up these capris to try on with the shirts but fell in love with the fit and have now been wearing them for an embarrassingly long amount of time (2 whole days).


Grab yours HERE

2 loungewear item must-haves

 Hug your body comfortably, flattering and not too thick. TTS

Grab yours HERE

These shorts are amazing. Not short and pockets. Pockets are gold. I already have these in grey and in pink!

TTS BUT size up for a comfortable loose fit!

Pick yours up HERE

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