Thursday, August 30, 2018

Brussel Sprout Chicken Salad

 With summer coming to an end, I wanted to whip out one of my super easy salads that doesn't actually include any lettuce. Super refreshing, crunchy and a slight tarteness. This is a great meal for on the go, to take to lunch the next day and requires no heating up. 

You're not gonna believe how easy this was!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

5 Target athletic tops to wear with your basic black leggings

Oh Target, take all my monies. Seriously though, it comes at no surprise why we have all seen the memes and no all the funny sayings all devoted to our beloved...Target. They have the cutest stuff plus all the essentials for life. Amiright? 

I love going to Target and since recently starting my blog I realized that not everyone can or wants to go out and buy Lululemon. Not that it's the best but it was my favorite for a while. I still enjoy wearing most of my leggings from there but I realize how many other active wear lines are out there. That are both cute, comfortable to wear and at a really reasonable price points. 

Since pants can be more pricey, I was in search of finding cute tops that could be worn with basic black leggings. We should all have a pair of those right? Cool. ;) I also don't go for crazy trendy colors as they will go out of season. I feel like I chose some classic colors and patterns that can be worn all year long but especially into the cooler days of Fall and Winter. 

Back to school healthy lunch inspo

It's that time of the year! Back to school which means mamas and dads are packing lunches! Below I have gathered some of my daughters favorite lunches! Tried and true, my daughter has actually had these lunches and loves these options.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Butter Coffee + Recipe

Butter in my coffee? Say what? Yes, y'all it's actually so good and I have never wanted to look back at my previous dairy creamer (eh hem, half and half). 

Don't make the mistake that I made and not blend your coffee and butter together in the blender. Of course you won't like it if you make that mistake. My friend introduced me to it and for whatever reason I skipped out on the blending part and it all settled to the top. I'm a pro now though and I'm obsessed! Read on for all the benefits of butter coffee, why I drink it and my current recipe. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

7 quick & healthy snacks

to try before the end of summer

Do you count your calories? I know it's a popular thing to do, so I've collected a few of my favorite snacks and counted the calories to a reasonable, healthy amount. Enjoy friends!

+ apples are high in fiber and low calorie
+ almond butter is filling and loaded with magnesium

195 calories
1 tbsp AB & 1 whole apple 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Swap your kid's plastic dishes to stainless steel!

If you watched my stories than you probably saw my excitement for my kids stainless steel dishes! Ahhh, you guys. I just get so excited when I am making better and safer decisions, especially when it concerns my kids. It feels SO good. Below you will find the ins and outs on why we have ditched plastic dishes for our kids and our favorite products.

Swap your kid's plastic dishes to stainless steel!