Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Diaper Bag Must-Haves


This post comes as a MAJOR PSA to all new mamas, old mamas and cool mamas. Whatever you call yourself. If you have to carry a change of clothes for your little person, a case of wipes for every mess and some essentials for yourself which usually include the smallest wallet, your keys and maybe some chapstick? Lipstick? I prefer a good lippy but you get what I'm saying. This bag is going to carry so much. Kids need all the things and we want to hold them, not their stuff. I have gone through my share of diaper bags. Let me point out all of the things I need and look for in a diaper bag. I hope this helps any new mamas or any cool mamas shopping for a sweet mom bag.

 Also sharing my favorite diaper bag that I have recently fallen in love with!

Let's get started.


It must be cute. You're going to be wearing this thing like a purse. Wait, actually you will definitely be wearing it more than your purse. My second is 15 months old and I've only recently been able to swap my purse out every now and again. So, this diaper bag or backpack is going to be with you a lot. Choose a cute pattern or color that you won't get tired of looking at. 


Do you prefer wearing bright colors or neutrals? Patterns or solids?

I went with this striped one because it will go with so much and since I wear a lot of basic colors like black and white, blues and pinks. I wear a ton of solids so the stripes wouldn't clash much with my personal wardrobe. Consider this when choosing the design or color of your backpack/diaper bag.

Black is a safe color. It will match your wardrobe most likely but also won't show stains.


These have to be comfortable because your bag will get heavy at times. Make sure they are squishy and not stiff. The material needs to be soft because it will rub on your skin as well. 

This bag has an amazing extra feature where you can hold it like a bag also, not just a backpack.


I've found that traveling with backpacks on airplanes and in the car is not fun with a stiff bag. They are hard to squeeze under the airplane chair and if you have a ton of other stuff in your car (hello errand day) it's nice to have a bag that will move and fold easily if there's not much in it. For whatever reason i personally go through different stages where the diaper bag is packed and then it is less packed on weeks we have less going on.
It's also nice when it folds easily under your stroller during shopping trips. 

 This backpack is Nylon so it folds up in a snap. In love with the material. 


Sippy cups, diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, makeup bags, poppy bags, wallets, snacks, lunch, keys, bathing suits, spare clothes, etc. Do you want your bag to weigh a ton on top of all of these other things? No, I didn't think so. Find something that is lightweight and not bulky.

This stripe one is just that. It is the lightest backpack I've owned. 


You're going to want pockets big enough to fit sippy cups. When you're on the move you will need to reach back and give your babes their water at some point. When they are on the sides, it's super easy to reach back without having to remove the entire backpack. From personal experience, I love this feature!

This bag also fits a shaker cup and mama water bottle perfectly. 


This pocket needs to be on the back side of the backpack, so you can unzip it quickly to snap that photo or video you need of your babes. I also keep my gym card here and whatever lipstick I've packed for the day. You won't have to take your entire backpack off when it's located where this one is, super easy and fast to access when it's on the back side. This one is just a no-brainer. Must have this.


I want all the pockets. Pockets mean your bag is a little more organized. Make sure the main pocket is deep. So you can keep plenty of diapers, wipes, spare clothes, etc.

This particular backpack has a huge main pocket, two pockets on the inside and huge front pocket where I plan to keep my keys, lipsticks and wallet. 


Before babies I never thought I'd be carrying a backpack after college. Boy, was I wrong. A backpack makes the most sense. For a mama who is on the go, running errands, running to the gym and dropping off kids to their activities. It is so nice to be hands-free. I have a toddler (she's 3) and a 15 month old. It's the best having nothing in my hands when we are walking into the gym or at drop off for school. I'm able to carry my baby and when there are pockets, you can easily unzip and access what's important without taking it off.

Did I miss anything? What's important to you when shopping for a diaper bag? Comment below. Would love to hear what other mamas look for in a diaper bag or cool mom bag. 

Shop this bag by clicking below:

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