Thursday, June 28, 2018

laser hair removal experience

Let's do a little story time on the steps I have taken in my life to get rid of unwanted hair. 


One time I let my mom wax a small portion of my pits, never again. That hurt like a bish.

In college, I got a can of wax from Sally's, couldn't afford a heater so I would set the can on top of a pan and heat it up. I bought a bag of those popsicle sticks and the cloth you smooth over the wax and would rip away my hairs. Did I really just share that? Yes. I had to warn my roommate that there was some business being handled in our kitchen so to warn me when she got home. HAHA! Anyway, that was my first attempt at ditching the razors on my own. It didn't work out too well as you can imagine and it hurt like hell.

Years went by since that experience and the razor burn was so real. It's true, as you get older the hair just seems to come on even more often and with a thick vengeance. Especially after my first pregnancy.

So 4 months into my second pregnancy I decided that I was going to go to a bikini wax place called the pretty kitty here in Austin. (insert wide eyed emoji). Ladies, it hurt like hell. It was one of the worst pains ever. Truly. I would rate it right up there with child birth. I was even sore a couple of days after with waxing. After the initial time, it did get better but the process to get waxed just doesn't make sense. 

You have to grow your hair out 3 weeks prior which is gross and itchy. And again, it hurts every time.


I had heard about laser hair removal but wrote it off as too expensive for me. So I was never truly listening. The first year of laser hair removal there is some commitment but at this point in my life I had decided that it was just time to make the jump. Get rid of my hair. Forever. Well, almost. ;) Forever reduced. 

I had a girlfriend who heard I was getting waxed and laughed because of how painful it was. I finally decided to hear someone out about there experience. Still decided against it and then once I had my second baby I decided to get my first laser hair removal done in October 2017.       

                                                   LIFE CHANGING!!!!

That first appointment is INSANE. After the first week, I would say 80% of your hair just doesn't come back. It's absolutely wonderful. If you decide to tweeze out the hairs that do come back after your appointment, because that's the curious child in me and I had to try it. You'll find that they literally just slide right out because most of the hairs have been zapped from the blood line of the hair follicle. 

That was it, I was hooked. 


My laser tech was amazing. Her name is Dawn and she's great. She sat down and explained everything. I'm going to leave her info at the bottom of this post in case you're local. 

To make this process the least expensive. You are going to have to commit the next year to this, minimum. Then make it to every appointment every 7-8 weeks during the first year and that's a very crucial window because of the way hair growth works. That's only 6 appointments. Woohoo! The hair cycle replenishes itself at this time and you want to laser the hair before they are detached from the follicle. Don't miss these appointments! 


Before you go in to your appointment you'll want to shave all of your hair before your appointment. How amazing is that? You don't have to grow any hair out. That's why I love this process. 

I like to exfoliate my skin the night before and then shave the morning of the appointment. Also to shower so that I am fresh. Since someone is going to be down in my lady parts, if ya know what I mean. Anyway, I love to dry brush my skin because then your skin feels like silk. No joke. 


So you take your pants off if you're going for Brazilian and will need to remove your shirt so that your laser technician can reach your armpits or any area that's getting treated. You get to wear these sweet glasses and the technician wears some too. 

After you've removed whatever clothing necessary than you lie down on a bed with a thin sheet over you and wait for your technician. 

My LHR office used the Candela machine above. They stamp their laser into this pad and off they go. It sounds like a fly dying in one of those insect trap machines every time the machine goes off. It's my best description for the sound. haha.

This is what your legs look like after. 
Cleans off with a baby wipe super easy.

Armpit: right after the treatment - very little redness

Bottom legs right after treatment. 
Little red bumps that disappear an hour or less after.

Q + A

Does it hurt?

My pain tolerance is pretty low though so take that into consideration. I was told that it felt like a rubber band snapping on your skin but I'd say it was less painful then that. Depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle and sun exposure can also affect how sensitive your skin is.

Can you shave between appointments?

Yasssss girl! 

That's the beauty of LHR. Shave all you want and they actually prefer that you shave completely before the appointment. 

Does it burn?

No, not at all. They use this cryo blast that shoots off at the same time that the laser is going so you shouldn't feel any burning. I've heard of people getting burned because the laser is too high but I have had zero issues with this.  

Is it expensive?

In my opinion, no.

It depends on what you think is expensive. Is it expensive in time and money on razors/shaving cream to shave the rest of your life? I'd say THAT is expensive. 

Every 2 months that I go for my armpits, brazilian, inner thigh and bottom leg/feet and it cost me $325 but there are always great deals out there that you can get a great package or initial fees cut in half.

Will your hair eventually never grow back?

The machine, Candela "is known for its ability to provide permanent hair reduction" (source)

You will have to go to maintenance treatments once a year after the first year and then eventually less and less over the years after that initial year of treatments. My technician said that I may have very random hairs that may pop up but for the most part all the maintenance treatments will get rid of MOST of your unwanted hair.

The next day after I get LHR I love self tanning because your skin is ridiculously smooth! I've linked my favorites below.

I hope this helped those who were asking about my experience. I will update this post as I get any more questions that would be helpful to future readers. 

Here's all the info for the place and person
 I went to if you are in Austin!

Alite Laser 


504 West 17th St
Austin, TX 78701

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