Friday, June 1, 2018

Target workout outfits - Joy Lab try-on/haul

Ladies, I am such a creature of habit. I can't tell you how many black leggings I currently own. Ah! So I did a little shopping at Target to give my workout clothes a much needed pop of color. 

I first purchased a Joy Lab sweater a few months ago and love it. So soft and I actually purchased another in a navy green color as you'll see below. This brand is surprisingly SO cute and won't break the bank. I want to bring affordable content to y'all. So I hope this kind of content helps you. I know not everyone wants to or can spend money on my beloved brand, Lululemon. 

I hope you enjoy this fun try-on. Maybe you'll do a little shopping and get some motivation. I always love new workout clothes because I basically live in them and also keeps me looking forward to my next workout. 

I have a dress to impress mentality and of course, that means in the gym too. 

Have a great weekend babes!

Favorite outfit of the day:

First outfit. I LOVE how these blue leggings feel just like butter, they slide on and are super flattering. They fit TTS, I think I could have also fit into a medium for a little more room. I have a bigger bottom half, not huge let's be honest but I do need my leggings to hug my booty nicely and not flatten it out. These are perfect and I did purchase them. Along with the matching sports bra

This white top is soft, slouchy and flattering with the peek a boo cut out in the back. I purchased this one too because I have a good collection of sports bras so I like to show them off a little. I would size down because it's on the big side. I got small but would have liked extra small. 

My sister wasn't a fan of this leopard legging set but I actually really loved the dark maroon color. Just like the blue leggings they slide on and are flattering. I did sort of feel like a cat though. HAHA. So I didn't end up purchasing them. If my sister says no, I usually go with her opinion because she's 17 and knows better I feel. ;)

The sports bra fit so nice too. Medium support. TTS. Comes down about 2 inches too, so it feels nice and snug around your bra line. 

I'm wearing the same white tee from above, loving the open back on it.

Hugs your back side nicely. Good for my fellow bigger bottom ladies! 

Okayyyy! I need to go back to purchase these black leggings . Do they not scream gym shark? They're the look-a-likes of them for sure. The waist band doesn't squeeze your belly (hello mom pooch) so that's a plus! Size up. I loved the way medium fit me but I'm usually a size small. I have since gone back to purchase these and worked out in them already, they are amazing. 

OMG - This green crop top tee ! 
Going back to grab my size because it was soooo cute and also sexy off the shoulder. Comes 3 different colors. Size up for slouchy fit. Update - I did go back to get this one. So cute!

You can't see but I'm also wearing the matching sports bra that goes with the pants. Also very comfortable and fits well. I also liked the way this matched the pants. It will look funny if you wear it with a tight tank because it's a twist front sports bra. 

So I didn't purchase this peach tee only because it was so warm and I felt like the white tee above was more ideal for summer. I still like this one though and the color is beautiful. 

I have this one in grey, in small. So soft on the inside. Stays soft even after washing too. Grab size medium for a more slouchy look. This green sweater is soft on the inside and a tad on the warmer side so just keep that in mind for during the summer. It has the cutest slits on the sides though that are fun! Bought this one.

These black shorts are from Lululemon.

Outfits linked below:

I am not affiliated with Joy Lab or Target, all opinions are of my own. 

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