Tuesday, June 5, 2018

5ish-minute summer beauty routine

Who else is experiencing extremely high heat and humidity? Shoutout to all my fellow Austinites - where your makeup doesn't have to start melting off the moment you step outside with this simple makeup routine. 


I have an oily skin type. I do not suffer from many breakouts or any kind of redness. I do breakout though when I do not cleanse my skin well enough during my night time routine or clean my brushes as often I've noticed. I usually go for a semi-matte finish most of the time and I go back and forth between a heavy coverage and lighter. Depends on the occasion. I suffer from dark circles under my eyes with no puffiness. This should help you understand what I need from my makeup and maybe help you decide if you need these as well. 


Even though the foundation I'm about to highlight has a primer in it, I like to spritz a little primer water on my face. I like this one because it doesn't have silicone in it which is a plus for oily skin.


A lock-it-in-place foundation is key but I prefer a lighter foundation for summer because the caked on look is not cute for summer and the heat/humidity. This BB creme by Tarte is my absolute obsession right now. A pea-sized amount is all you need. I like to apply it with the ELF cosmetics brush that's only $6! [ linked below]

+ BONUS: There's SPF in it. Yassssssss.

This is not spoken about enough at all. Feels very velvety. Love, love, love it!


Do I even need to go over everyone's holy grail concealer? This is a favorite. Love the coverage of it. Hides my dark mama-got-little-sleep under eye area. I go between the shades light and light neutral. I always apply my concealers with a beauty sponge and Ulta has great inexpensive ones. 


I do like this Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil. It's super firm so it allows you to really carve out your brows and this pomade is awesome! I usually like the NYX micro brow pencil but have been liking this for a longer lasting look and more bold eyebrows. Highly recommend. 


This Milani lip liner in Most Natural is amazing, stays put and is self sharpening. I haven't been into glosses lately but this one by Revlon in Super Natural is beautiful and makes your look more summery. When paired with this liner the color is a beautiful mauvey red. 


I just picked this palette up from Ulta and it makes my makeup routine QUICK! It has your bronzer, blush and highlight that's not too bright. Sleek and slim. I will be taking this with me on our upcoming trip for sure. I'm honestly not a fan of Benefits box products and that's why I love the way Hoola is packaged here. So much better in my opinion!

GORGEOUS - the beloved Hoola bronzer is in it too!

+ Give your face a couple ( or a few ) more spritz of the Smashbox primer water to really lock your look in and melt your makeup together. 

I've linked everything for y'all. Let me know in the comments if you have any of these products or have better products that I need to try. 

"Confidence breeds beauty."

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