Monday, April 23, 2018

Turkey patties over arugula

Hands down my favorite meal! 

Currently eating it several times a week. 
I know, I'm cray. Try it yourself and see why though. It's good!

above: this is my setup. ingredients to the left all mixed up, griddle & avocado oil. once the patties have cooked they go straight into the pyrex food container once they're done cooking.

above: ground up fennel seed. ground fennel seed is hard to find. I use a coffee grinder to turn the seed that you buy at the store to make a fine powder but crushing the seed with a knife on the cutting board will do just fine as well.

above: easy setup and easy clean-up
cook and pop the patties into pyrex container to store in the fridge

Turkey patties over arugula


2 lbs of ground turkey
2 eggs
1 red bell pepper
2 tbsp fennel seed
pink salt & pepper to taste

*1 tbsp basil
*1 tbsp oregano


2-3 tbsp primal kitchen avocado mayo or chipotle mayo or avocado
1/4 cup yellow potatoes (skip this if you want a lower carb meal)


1. finely chop the red bell pepper. 

2. in a bowl combine all ingredients. Mix well.

3. Set griddle to 325-350. Spoon meat onto griddle and smash into a nice thin patty. You can't really form a patty before cooking because they are on the runny side. 

4. Cook 3-4 minutes on each side twice!

Serve over a bed of arugula and top with avocado mayo. If you don't like mayo, give this a shot. Completely different ingredients than traditional mayo. My husband prefers the chipotle mayo. Or top with sliced avocado if neither of those fit your liking. Yellow potatoes are also great.

Light and filling - a perfect staple for summer since it's low carb!

1. the griddle I used is linked here

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