Monday, April 2, 2018

Running with kids

Spring, we love you! It's that time of the year where the mornings are still cool so take full advantage of this beautiful weather while you can. I've created a list of everything you'll need to bring when running with your babes plus any tips I deem necessary . 

Begin with an open mind

  • If the first time running with kids doesn't work out then try again and then try again after that. This may not be a piece of cake but like anything new your babies need to adjust especially if this is your first time running with them. If you get into a routine of running with them soon they will just know that this is part of life and kids love routines. 

Family outing 

  • I like to make this a full morning activity. We pack up the stroller and we are going to be gone for about 3 hours. Even longer if I can talk a fellow mommy friend into coming.
Positive bribery 
  • There's nothing wrong with telling your kid they get to play at the PARK on this amazing run you will be taking them on. ;) I tell my 3 year old that we are going to the park and that she gets to play for a little bit. She gets so excited! 
Exercise without the germs
  •  I ran a lot with my first baby, it's how I lost a lot of my baby weight so fast and it felt amazing getting outdoors and feeling free. I had first time mom syndrome bad and didn't like leaving to any public places because of all the germs. This is a perfect place to workout and avoid all germs. Unless allergies are a problem, in which case that's a different story. At our old house I was able to run to the little gym we had for the whole neighborhood and H would just hang out in the stroller while I lifted weights. If you have that option than I highly recommend that you utilize it.
Circuits optional
  • Let's say you only can run half a mile plus you do a short circuit to begin with. That's really good compared to nothing. I applaud your efforts. If you are reading this for the first time and are contemplating the scare of running it doesn't just have to be about running. Run a mile to the park and do circuit training while your little one(s) play. Invest in some bands or some weights and fit in a workout when you get back home either in your back yard or garage. The options to get more out of an outdoor run are endless. Don't discount it just because you are "not" a runner. Give it a try. Figure out how you can make it work at first and then work toward goals of running farther and fitting in more circuits in the future. 
Encourage them to encourage you
  • Get your little one to root you on. Ask them if they want you to run faster. They will soon catch on and yell at you to go faster and I can't tell you how much that motivates you to pick up the pace. 
No fees required
  • Hello! How cool is it that you don't have to pay for a membership to go running outdoors? Also working out and spending time outdoors is much better than spending money to go out to eat, to go shopping, for target to yet again catch you red handed in that damn $1 section. Must I say more here?
Trust the process
  • You learn as you go what works for you and what works for your little one. This is life, we don't get to run out the door without thinking anymore. We have these little babes we get to spend our time with and the time is so short that you will have to pack up this much stuff and them just to workout. I promise that you are doing them a HUGE favor by showing them what it means to fit in time for yourself and time to workout. You are showing them a healthy love for ones self, a way to relieve stress and a life lesson that you do NOT give up without trying or working your ass off. Seriously, the benefits to them and the benefits to you trump many other things you could be spending your time on so trust the process.

Not all of these items are necessary but you start to figure out what works best for you along the way. Let me know your thoughts on these or if I missed anything.

for mama: 

+ a jogging stroller (pictured: double BOB)
+ WATER, water & more water! Stay hydrated!
+ sunglasses
+ fully charged phone for music & emergencies
+ I use my Fit bit for tracking distance & my heart rate 
+ Sunscreen chapstick 
+ Mini bands (these are so cute !)
+ towel or mat
+ bug spray
+ stroller net
+ a positive attitude!

+ blanket
+ diapers & wipes
+ hand sanitizer
+ lunch
+ fan
+ snacks
+ a park     

 My 3 year old loves eating snacks while I run. She's also an amazing motivator as she yells "faster mama faster!" How the heck do you even think of stopping when your kid is telling you something so inspirational? HA! She also enjoys dragging a stick on the ground while I run, I haven't found anything unsafe regarding that and she loves it so I don't mind. I think it's amazing that my kids see me working out and hopefully they soon understand why I do. 

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