Monday, April 30, 2018

Gym bag essentials

Do you ever see people lugging a bag with them around the gym? Ever wonder what they've got in there? I've got all the deets on what I love carrying in my gym bag because although the gym has most equipment, it's nice to have some of these on hand and the gym doesn't always have everything. 

These are also great essentials for home and outside workouts:

You'll need a backpack. I've linked the one that I have in this picture but you don't have to break the bank to get a cute backpack. There are also affordable one's on amazon

First and foremost, headphones. Ahhh. For the love of music. I can't stand when my batteries die or if I have forgotten my headphones. You bet I will turn around if I'm halfway to the gym to grab my headphones if I've forgotten them. Ha! It's just a necessity for me personally. I love music!

Jaybird wireless headphones - are hands down my favorite. One charge can last 3-4 workouts at least and I usually workout for over an hour total. They are also so loud which I like because I jam out when I'm getting my sweat on. If you have small baby ears like myself, no worries, these headphones are great because they fit and stay in your ears and also don't stick out too much. I can use these when running outside and also during jump squats or other workouts that you're moving and jumping around a lot. I just love them! 

Bonus - My old jaybirds decided to not hold a charge so I called their 800 number. They had the most amazing customer service and sent me a new pair. $0 came out of my pocket and I had a new pair at my house in a week. So awesome!

Cloth resistance bands - I have used these in my workout videos a ton and use them during every other workout. I love these for different reasons than the rubber but not necessarily more than them. For some reason the red has started to rip a little. I'm going to order a new one and see if it still does that. The grey and black one in this package are awesome though!

Ankle cuff - not all gyms have these and I have actually never seen this exact one at any gym so there's that. I love this one because it has a wool-like cloth inside of it which is so comfortable during booty workouts! Highly recommend this one.

Resistance bands - these are rubber and stay in place for certain workouts and are better in their own way than the cloth ones. I like to carry a couple of the lower resistance bands in my bag (yellow/red). These are great for booty workouts, leg day and hip thrusts!

Wet ones - Obviously! To wipe down all the germs because I don't think people do this enough. I don't know why we don't think to wipe our equipment down when other people are sweating all over it. Yuck! So don't forget your sanitary wipes if your gym doesn't provide them!

Assistance bands - awesome for outdoor/home workouts. They are also great for help with pull ups, arm and leg workouts with these.

Notebook and pen - to track your weight when lifting weights. At this point we all know lifting doesn't make females bulky, right? You know that it's tough for us to get bulky because of our chemical makeup? Awesome, glad we got that out of the way. 

My husband got me into this. How are we supposed to "grow" if we do not challenge ourselves with the weights? Tracking what you lifted during your last workout is going to help you get better results for a more toned and muscular physique. Muscle burns more calories so if you are lifting heavier and have more muscle mass than you will burn more calories. A win win!

Qalo - You may see my qalo often if you follow me on IG. I like wearing my wedding ring for obvious reasons so this is a must! 

Fitbit - I use this for time, heart rate and sleep tracking. Great to see where your heart rate is at during cardio and to keep it up so you burn the most calories. 

Water bottle - because who likes drinking out of the drinking fountains at the gym. Ew. 

Let me know what you like to carry with you to the gym.

Have a great week y'all!
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