Monday, April 30, 2018

Gym bag essentials

Do you ever see people lugging a bag with them around the gym? Ever wonder what they've got in there? I've got all the deets on what I love carrying in my gym bag because although the gym has most equipment, it's nice to have some of these on hand and the gym doesn't always have everything. 

These are also great essentials for home and outside workouts:

You'll need a backpack. I've linked the one that I have in this picture but you don't have to break the bank to get a cute backpack. There are also affordable one's on amazon

First and foremost, headphones. Ahhh. For the love of music. I can't stand when my batteries die or if I have forgotten my headphones. You bet I will turn around if I'm halfway to the gym to grab my headphones if I've forgotten them. Ha! It's just a necessity for me personally. I love music!

Jaybird wireless headphones - are hands down my favorite. One charge can last 3-4 workouts at least and I usually workout for over an hour total. They are also so loud which I like because I jam out when I'm getting my sweat on. If you have small baby ears like myself, no worries, these headphones are great because they fit and stay in your ears and also don't stick out too much. I can use these when running outside and also during jump squats or other workouts that you're moving and jumping around a lot. I just love them! 

Bonus - My old jaybirds decided to not hold a charge so I called their 800 number. They had the most amazing customer service and sent me a new pair. $0 came out of my pocket and I had a new pair at my house in a week. So awesome!

Cloth resistance bands - I have used these in my workout videos a ton and use them during every other workout. I love these for different reasons than the rubber but not necessarily more than them. For some reason the red has started to rip a little. I'm going to order a new one and see if it still does that. The grey and black one in this package are awesome though!

Ankle cuff - not all gyms have these and I have actually never seen this exact one at any gym so there's that. I love this one because it has a wool-like cloth inside of it which is so comfortable during booty workouts! Highly recommend this one.

Resistance bands - these are rubber and stay in place for certain workouts and are better in their own way than the cloth ones. I like to carry a couple of the lower resistance bands in my bag (yellow/red). These are great for booty workouts, leg day and hip thrusts!

Wet ones - Obviously! To wipe down all the germs because I don't think people do this enough. I don't know why we don't think to wipe our equipment down when other people are sweating all over it. Yuck! So don't forget your sanitary wipes if your gym doesn't provide them!

Assistance bands - awesome for outdoor/home workouts. They are also great for help with pull ups, arm and leg workouts with these.

Notebook and pen - to track your weight when lifting weights. At this point we all know lifting doesn't make females bulky, right? You know that it's tough for us to get bulky because of our chemical makeup? Awesome, glad we got that out of the way. 

My husband got me into this. How are we supposed to "grow" if we do not challenge ourselves with the weights? Tracking what you lifted during your last workout is going to help you get better results for a more toned and muscular physique. Muscle burns more calories so if you are lifting heavier and have more muscle mass than you will burn more calories. A win win!

Qalo - You may see my qalo often if you follow me on IG. I like wearing my wedding ring for obvious reasons so this is a must! 

Fitbit - I use this for time, heart rate and sleep tracking. Great to see where your heart rate is at during cardio and to keep it up so you burn the most calories. 

Water bottle - because who likes drinking out of the drinking fountains at the gym. Ew. 

Let me know what you like to carry with you to the gym.

Have a great week y'all!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Turkey patties over arugula

Hands down my favorite meal! 

Currently eating it several times a week. 
I know, I'm cray. Try it yourself and see why though. It's good!

My 5ish-minute makeup routine

When my babies aren't waking up because they're sick or teething I am waking up around 5am to get myself together. Who else struggles to get out of the door if you don't have yourself all made up before the babies are awake? I swear on those days it takes us 2 hours to leave. Real talk. Between picking up messes or telling your toddler not to get into things, you name it...we have probably been through it. 

That's why I wake up well before them to drink my coffee hot, put a little makeup on and get dressed in peace. #selflovin  This is my go-to beauty look! Super easy and not too over done, unless you love blush like me (insert sassy emoji here). Ha! How do you get ready? I'm a stay at home mom but I love wearing even just a little makeup. It makes me feel prepared for the day, prepared for my kids. I can't be the only one. I'd love to hear your feedback on how your mornings go. 

Here's a breakdown of all of my fave products:

it cosmetics CC+ cream-light: I love this foundation. It's actually a CC cream so it acts as a moisturizer and a sunscreen. 

Hourglass ambient bronzer-nude bronze light: This bronzer is just perfect. I have just recently gotten into bronzer and I have a few but this one is my absolute favorite. The color is so pretty and blends well with any makeup. 

Milani blush-tea rose: Inexpensive and works like a charm. These days just because something is more expensive doesn't mean it's the best. Like this blush, the colors in the Milani line are all so beautiful and super afforadable. This is one of like 10 that I own. 

Revlon Lipstick-bare affair: Revlon kills it in the lipstick game. If you haven't given their line a shot, I would now and you can always find a sale and buy 2 for $6 bucks. The color range is huge too. They break it down by reds, plums, pinks, mattes, get the point.

NYX micro eyebrow pencil-expresso: How did I forget my HOLY GRAILLLL makeup item?!?! I have been trying to test out other eyebrow pencils and have yet to find one that works like this guy. The formula of this isn't as creamy as some of the other pencils can be. I love how precise the point is so you can shape your brow perfectly.  Plus, you don't break the bank buying eyebrow pencils. 


4-ingredient Blueberry muffins

Serve these straight out of the oven or store them in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days! I love that I can take these to go too! 


Servings = 12

1 cup of almonds
2 RIPE bananas ( riper = sweeter )
1/2 cup blueberries
1 egg


Set oven to 350. In a food processor blend the cup of almonds until it's a fine powder. Then add both bananas and blend until there's a smooth paste.

Transfer paste into a bowl, add egg and mix well. Add blueberries, fold into paste. Viola! Your muffins are ready to bake. 

Coat the bottom of the muffin tins well otherwise these will stick. Bake in the oven for 15-17 minutes depending on your oven. Remove and let cool before taking them out of the tins. Store in refrigerator.

*pro tip - double the batch and it makes ~24. 
*pro pro tip - add a scoop of protein for even more protein


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Your toddlers dairy-free green smoothie

Vitamins and greens are two things I try so very hard to give my little everyday. This smoothie is loaded with protein, good fats and greens.I was getting a few questions on what I put in my daughters green smoothie so here are all the details! 

Side note: she lovessss drinking these and thinks they're delicious!

1 cup of cashew milk
1/2 banana
quarter of an avocado
pinch of spinach
dash of cinnamon
1 scoop of collagen protein

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Nap Time Mani & Pedi

“Three decisions that we all control each moment of our lives: what to focus on, what things mean, and what to do in spite of the challenges that may appear.” - Tony Robbins

It can be overwhelming to take care of little humans plus YOU. Ahhhhh! What? You want me to do my nails? Scrub my feet? Then paint them? Yes, yes and soooo much more yes!! Doing things like this make you feel normal, alive and bring you back to yourself. Maybe it's not this exact self care but do something for you. It will help so much with your life, your parenting, your relationship, etc. Try it and tell me you don't feel better after. Even if it's just the bare minimum of doing something so simple as cleaning up your nail beds and scrubbing your feet. 

I remember senior moms telling me I would never do my nails again when I was pregnant. I don't know why women tell each other things like this. I know I'm guilty of it in my own fashion (I've been strongly focusing on all the positive things we can tell each other the past year though) but I do have my nails painted all of the time. Guess what, I'm two kids in now! 

We make time for what we desire and the life we want. If that means less sleep for me then so be it. Do you mamas, do what ultimately makes you happy or whatever makes you pop out of bed in the morning. 

Since I was a teen I taught myself how to do my nails and in college.... HA! No I did not have money for nails. Now that I've mastered it, I want to share my secret to the perfect at home mani and pedi. You deserve it mama! Small things like this can make a world of difference in the way you feel and how cool is it to be doing something for yourself. Literally, you are putting in the work and taking the time for YOU.

Back story: A year ago I got that gel stuff everyone has raved about and I honestly did not like it. My nails felt SO thick and they just grow so fast that I was seeing my actual nail bed way faster since the gel was so thick. I gave up and went back to my OG way of doing my nails. 

Well, a couple of months ago, I went back and got them done again and LOVED them this time. The trick was to get the OPI gel nail because it's one of the thinnest. I did not know this until now but now I get so antsy when they are doing my nails because it takes a long time. I've also noticed my nails are getting thin and weak. I think it's the soaking they do with acetone and then scraping it off that's taking a toll on my nails (which are normally strong). My nails also grow SUPER fast so they need to be painted every week. Still takes me way less time to do them myself every week rather than going to get them done every other week. 

I have two babies that need me and with the weather changing I could spend that sort of time doing way more valuable things with my time. Don't get me wrong I have my appointments that I make it to ( eh hem- eyelashes) but I can't make it to all of them so I'm compromising and choosing what mostly makes me happy. 

Now let's think about this. No, don't worry. I actually already broke it down. It takes around  2.5-3 hours spent just getting your nails done. Plus all the money and if you need a babysitter... I think you get my point. Expensive in money and expensive in time. All costing YOU. So here's what I do and what you'll need to do the same. 

First, you CAN do everything the nail techs do right at home. During nap time, early mornings or at bedtime for all the mama's out there. Taking a total of 20-30 minutes tops. Thank you TIME SAVER! 

Here's what you'll need:

nail file
nail clippers
cuticle cutter
toe spacer 
coconut oil
pointed cotton swabs
polish remover
nail polish!


Step 1

Remove any nail polish then soak your nails in bowl with warm water and a few splashes of cuticle softener. I personally love removing my cuticles after a shower. Your skin softens up after a shower so it's the perfect time to remove all of that dead skin. After you have soaked your nails or jumped out of the shower push back your cuticles with the cuticle pusher. I prefer the chrome cuticle pusher because the wood one doesn't work that great. 

For your feet: add a couple of drops of cuticle softener to your feet and rub in. Add some body wash and then scrub the heck out of your heels and toes with Mr. pumice. The purple one I linked is the one you MUST get. I've tried so many of these, trust me on this one. It may take a couple of times to get them to the smoothness that you want. Keep on scrubbin' girlfriend!

Step 2

Clip off all of the cuticles that you just pushed back creating a nice fresh line. Try not to clip the cuticle in short strides. Try to cut each cuticle in a long unified line so that you don't clip a bunch of your skin unevenly.

Step 3

Cut and file your nail. Buff out the top of your nail.

Step 4

Rub a little oil over your cuticles. Wash your hands well. Clean up any cuticle stragglers. I don't use a base coat, I just go right on with the nail polish, but you totally can. I usually do 1-2 coats depending on the pigmentation of the nail color. Using a table top is the best way to paint your nails I've found. Try not to go on with too much polish and start in the middle and sort of wiggle to the top part of your nail so you don't get any polish on your skin. No worries if you do though, you can clean that up later. 

These are some of my favorite Spring colors

Lucky Lucky Lavender

Step 5

Add a clear top coat. 

Step 6

Clean up any polish on your skin with your pointed cotton swab. Just dip it into your remover and carefully take it off your skin

You don't know Jacques

Suzi - the first lady of nails

If your nails don't grow that fast, consider yourself lucky. Ugh, I'm telling you in 3-4 days my nail has grown so much. It's crazy!


  • After a few days you may notice the shine is gone. Add a layer of your clear top coat. 

  • File your nails down if you've noticed your shape has gotten a little funky. 

  • If your nails grow as fast as mine, cut them and file to your desired shape.

  • Apply a good layer of lotion to your feet, cover with socks at night. Same with your hands. Coat with a generous amount of lotion to soak over night.  

*All of these tips help for your manicure to last longer than a few days.

       I've linked all of my current favorite nail colors below:

Monday, April 9, 2018

Healthy Enchiladas

Enchiladas without all the bloat and bogged down feelings from all the carbs and heavy ingredients. Ahh! I am getting so much great feedback from friends that they are loving my recipes and it's giving me the momentum to work hard at this. I hope that you will try my recipes out and if you do please let me know. Okay, so this recipe is so good. My toddler and baby both love it. If you want to add some carbs to it I love to chop up potatoes and have those for a side sometimes. My girls don't use ketchup but I can imagine other mamas using ketchup if your child doesn't jump up and down for the taste. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

My current Matcha recipe

Another hot commodity! I get asked all the time, "what's that green stuff you're drinking?" A girlfriend turned me on to this fabulous-ly good-for-you beverage over a year ago. I drink it in the afternoon for a little pick me up and ALL the health benefits.

Tip: I use an electric kettle y'all because microwaved water is not good for you. Google it. I try to avoid the microwave as much as possible. I love the glass kind because you can see when it needs to be cleaned (I clean mine once a week). I use a capful of apple cider vinegar and fill it up to the top with water and boil. Repeat that process twice or until the glass is cleared up again.


12 oz of hot water                               
1/2-1 tsp Matcha
1 tbsp coconut butter
1 scoop collagen protein
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Sometimes I add 1/2 tsp of Moringa.


In a blender add hot water first then the rest of the ingredients. Blend and pour! So so good.

Drink it hot or ...
drink it cold!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Protein pancakes (dairy)

Yummy! Up until about a year ago, I would make these bad boys every week religiously. They are SO delicious and I highly recommend them if you don't have a sensitivity to dairy. I also recommend buying yourself a griddle in order to make meal prepping 1000x easier. For real. The vitamix also holds about 4 of this pancake recipe. Get something of it's size or it to help make meal prep even easier. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Running with kids

Spring, we love you! It's that time of the year where the mornings are still cool so take full advantage of this beautiful weather while you can. I've created a list of everything you'll need to bring when running with your babes plus any tips I deem necessary .