Monday, July 3, 2017

Surgery and Recovery

Alright. Here goes nothing, my very first blog post. How exciting! So, as we wrap up the weekend here and where I should insert some really cool plans that we had or may have... we don't. haha. I had surgery for my umbilical hernia and diastasis recti repair on Thursday and we as a family have spent the past few days nursing me back to health. I got the surgery because I was doing crunches after my first daughter was born and I saw this nasty bulgy, SOMETHING, pop out of my abdomen and thereafter I continued to see it so I couldn't workout my abdominals mostly because it grossed me out. The doctor told me it would just continue to get worse. Exercise is a huge part of my life so I decided to get it done in hopes to not worry about this again. Apparently your intestines can pop out through the hernia. YUCK. That was enough to make me get it done with some urgency.

Surgery was scary. No, actually my thoughts prior to surgery made it all scary. I have never been under the knife for anything, well wait, there were those two times I pushed out two babies but you get the point. I totally psyched myself out and thought for some reason I would feel anything. Not the case. They simply wheeled me into the OR room where I already had an IV placed in my arm and the last thing I remember was cracking jokes with one of the surgeons who told me he was done having kids after his two girls, I asked why? But never got that answer. The meds kicked in at this point and I was lights out!

I woke up in the recovery room and that is creepy. You wake up, in a room with an entirely different staff and all you think you know is that your surgery went well. It did by the way. I was expecting my stomach to be in some sort of excruciating pain. Not even, do you know what hurt me the most? My left eyeball. I seriously thought someone had totally scrubbed my eye with sand paper or something. I haven't had the chance to ask my surgeon but I do plan on asking if they either left my eye open or attempted to tape it and maybe taped my eyeball, during their attempts to tape my eyelid shut. For the entire evening all I did was complain about my eyeball. My poor husband, he was asked several times that night to look and see if something was in there. An eyelash, a piece of lint, SOMETHING! ha. He found nothing. Anyway, I'm nursing so none of those narcotics were consumed and I just took Ibuprofen and A LOT of icing. Around the clock ice packs on my stomach. I am on the 4th day of my recovery and I am still sore but not as sore as the first day. Overall, I am glad that I got this surgery done and that I can finally workout as hard, if not harder than before I had kids. HOORAY! (I'm posting some pics because this surgery is super common for all my fellow mamas out there). My after photos will have to be updated when my baby pooch has gone down and I have had some time to workout that tummy. More to come...

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and we are taking it easy but still going over to my parents house for lunch. They are both the best cooks so whatever is on the menu I know they won't disappoint. My husband is probably ready for me to shut off the bright light in our room so I'll close this down. Happy 4th of July!
Trying to be in good spirits going in... 

Before (side)
Before (front)

After (day 1) 
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